28 August 2006


the avalanche of banana republic ads in his magazine brought us to the topic of fall shopping. he can't wait for winter clothes. which reminded us that i have none. he suggested starting shopping. but over the last few shopping trips i opened his eyes to the serious lack of wearable clothes out there for a girl smack in her mid-20s. he walks into banana republic and the gap and walks out with a suitable vacation wardrobe. i go to each store in the center twice before finding a decent sundress and pair of sandals. then he asked me what style i am looking for. i've been thinking about this all day.

between the 20-pound weight loss that literally wiped out my wardrobe in 2005, living out of a duffle bag for 4 months after Katrina and then giving all of my shit away in my decreased desire for material goods, i realized i don't even have a style. i have a few jeans, tanks tops, t-shirts, and flip-flops. nothing special, nothing i love, nothing ever to wear. no style.

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