05 October 2006

i missed my blog

i haven't blogged in so long, i haven't had any internet access at this stupid apartment, also no phone or cable or any-fucking-thing. but last night, mysteriously, a wireless connection came back to me. i don't know where from but thank god, so i'm just gonna blog randomly.

the library here rocks. it's a block from my house, plus you can order books from like a million other libraries right on the internet and they will get sent there to pick up. they email you when it's in. is that the coolest thing ever? i read a hundred photography books plus the unbearable lightness of being which i love and of love and other demons which was kind of depressing and the russian debutante's handbook which is weird so far.

also i've read every fashion magazine on the stands because i've been flying every freakin' weekend somewhere. really. this had led to thinking about fall fashion and since i have no style right now, i've decided i want to look like christina aguliera, which is impossible since i spend 3 minutes tops getting ready everyday and her "vintage bombshell" hair alone would take me an hour. i did let me boyfried buy me a fancy lowcut black dress which i love and i don't even feel bad about it. i've been working! at his office and it's so busy. just until they hire someone next month and i go in late and leave early, but still it counts.

i'm making tiny cherry cheesecakes in heart-shaped tins today. i need to send my sister the suri cruise vanity fair. what a cute little baby. i still love katie holmes. i'm listening to a cover of enjoy the silence from copy, right? (i love that site; i love covers period; plus, i still love mazzy star!). i also saw robert weingarten's palette series gallery in dc last weekend and his art was really cool. i'm inspired again to start painting and hanging shit up.

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