17 October 2006

christmas tree

so we are getting the coolest-ever christmas tree, ultra-cool! we saw it last year at a vintage shop on magazine street, but it was a week after christmas and we had no storage at the time. even so, we almost bought it and contemplated just leaving it out all year.

i spent a really long time yesterday searching the internet for retro christmas trees (am i crazy? it's not even halloween!) and couldn't find one like this anywhere. i also searched the art deco sites. so maybe it was one of a kind? anyway, i mentioned to my boyfriend how great it would be this year and he totally agreed and he called the store (which has since moved from new orleans to houston) and can you believe they still have the tree? so we are buying it and having it shipped (now we even have the storage for it!).

i can't wait to post pictures -- wait till you see this tree, it's so amazing!

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