08 October 2006


an interesting thing about boston is that when you order oysters you have to choose which kind you want. so different from new orleans where there is only one kind. so last week we got a sampler with four different kinds of oysters. now, i've said before how unsatisfactory the oysters up here are for a southern girl, but you know one of them was actually doable (even though they were $2.50 each!): well fleet. apparently, it is a town in cape cod.

i got this picture from woodbury's online where they say you can order dozens delivered next day. i love the way they call oysters "a taste of the wild ocean," so appropriate.

now if sake cafe would only open in massachusetts i would be a happy girl. the best sushi in the entire world (by far). we went about once a week when i lived there. if you are in new orleans you have to try their sake III roll. i would kill for it:

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