07 October 2006


everytime i drive to work, the leaves are slightly different. they really are as pretty as they say. i keep wanting to talk pictures but when i have nothing else to do, i wind up sort of doing nothing. nothing that i planned that is, today i am baby-sitting the electricians that are supposedly hooking up our phone line. this apartment has been a bunch of crap. no cell phone reception (although there is a verizon store a block away -- there's no reception in the store either!), the phone and cable lines haven't been hooked up right even though there's a jack for each in every room. we've had no tv since we moved in (which is fine with me most of the time, but every once in a while you sort of want to flip some channels, it's the american way), and a leaky deck. the floor and baseboards are all warped, but i guess they fixed that too since there were carpenters hammering away the last two days. all in all, thank god it's a lease and not a mortgage.

we are looking for a nice little camp in texas hill country. we've been renting a cabin every other weekend to see the boys and would save money if we just bought an inexpensive house on a couple acres of land. that's fun.

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