05 November 2006

more wasted time

my god, there are a lot of celebrity gossip websites out there!

i spent the morning following links, starting from my favorite: go fug yourself. i have to admit, i like celebrity gossip, and i love making fun of people's bad fashion sense. i also love glossy magazines, especially those making fun of celebrities' bad fashion senses. i don't have tv, what do you expect me to do?

in lieu of tv, i have been watching youtube, which i guess is the next big thing. i have a favorite, william sledd, but i have also taken to posted odd little videos of my boyfriend doing nothing. nothing really, just, like sitting in bed eating pizza. he complains some, however he also checks religiously to see if anyone's viewed. 28 views! not too great considering millions of people are out there, billions even?, and considering that at least 6 were him and i watching. he totally hams it up when i turn the camera on so really i think he likes "broadcasting himself".

i've actually been doing this since we met, i have quite a collection of him driving and singing. a documentation of all these random songs from the radio and him belting it out to me. these are my most treasured possesion, i watch these clips and am just overcome by what a wonderful boyfriend i have, however they will never be posted to youtube because i have taken a solemn oath that i will never show them to another living person until my boyfriend is dead. i wish i could though because they are fucking adorable.

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