06 November 2006

candy, gandhi and tekken

they are making a movie of one of my very favorite books: candy by luke davies. i can't imagine what they could possibly do with it to make it true to the original. i really don't want to see them try. also, they are already re-releasing it with god-awful covers, which in itself is enough to make me hate the movie:

actually, the top might not be the original either, as i recall it had some bright pink in there somewhere (which is what first attracted me). the only possible redeeming thing about this is that perhaps it will make them re-release his poetry books.

. . .

i watch gandhi the other night and it was really, surprisingly good. so good that maybe i'm rethinking my views on watching movies that teach you about history. what america needs is a national hero... colbert?

. . .

also, i've been kicking ass at tekken. some days i am so good at it, some days i suck so badly.

i think it all comes down to mental clarity and positive feelings. (after watching gandhi, i kicked serious ass, hmmm...) maybe that's crap, but when i'm down i never win. i won last night lots and lots, jack got so upset. i know what it's like to feel like a loser, like you have no chance to win, and it makes me want to hit him or bite his nose off. so i started letting him win, but making sure it wasn't obvious, putting up a good fight. i always feel so giving when i let him win, then he gets so cocky and goes on about his new techniques and then it's all i can do to not tell him i'm letting him win (which would completely reverse the goodness of letting him win). although come to think of it, he probably wouldn't believe me if i did tell him.

note: i was going to post a picture of christie because she is my favorite (the only one i can make move, besides she is pretty (except for that face she makes in the beginning that is just stupid and looks like she was about to blow a kiss but forgot) and can do really neat splits and flip. however, i searched images on the entire internet and could only find pictures of christie in that really ugly outfit with the pants and skimpy top which i hate and refuse to play with her when she is wearing that. why doesn't someone post the outfit i like with the hotpants and jacket combo? i may have to take a picture next time we play although i'm not sure how to explain that to my boyfriend...

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