13 December 2006

gd mf fake christmas tree...

having never experienced a fake christmas tree before i was under the delusion that it would be easier than a real tree. not the case. i sort of thought it would come out of the box more or less put together (those boxes are big!) and maybe just need some fluffing. i was definitely not expecting color-coding and missing letters and chinese instructions and twisting each last branch backwards to hide the wires. why would these things be so popular? i'm trying to tell myself that i saved a real tree's life, but it's not really helping. i've only done two rows (in two days...) and i'm ready to call it quits. if i ever do get the damn thing finished, there's no way i'm taking it apart to do again next year. either we're putting it in storage assembled, or throwing it out and getting this one next year:

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