11 December 2006

it's finally christmas inside the apartment!

christmas shopping yesterday was so much fun. we did present and decoration shopping in about two hours at target. the apartment is so cool. and my christmas cards (above) rock! still have to get a tree, though. there were only about 5 sad little trees left, so we're just gonna do the fake thing. we did buy the coolest ever art deco christmas tree a few months ago from cool stuff, but we never decided how to ship it here from houston, so i guess that was a little bit of a waste. oh well, it'll look good next year!

i love the way everything is so low stress now. no fighting or debating. just pick some shit up and buy it and be happy. oooh, we also got the coolest ever christmas cd from twisted sister. it's so funny, i've had it on non-stop. i love it.

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