08 December 2006

i took this picture outside this morning...

my week of not being able to get out of bed is finally up. jack got up so early this morning (4:30!) to work before work and i got up with him. and it snowed. we went out the back door to watch it in the dark. and it was so effing cold. and i was delirious with cold and snow and early. and happy.

it's finally real winter. and outside my front windows are rooftops covered with snow and christmas lights in the trees and a huge wreath with ribbons waving in the wind. and christmas cds filling all 5 slots of the cd player. and, this weekend we're going shopping for christmas decorations and presents and i want to make such fun things for the holiday.and we'll have all new stockings and wreaths and ornaments and a tree and wrapping paper. and i'm so excited because, although this will be the third christmas holiday we've spent together, it's only the first one we've treated like a real christmas and not just another day. (last christmas day we shopped for a toilet plunger and ate lean cuisines.) although apparently jack is a secret christmas rock star. not only does he know all the words to christmas songs, he also usually knows who it is singing them.

but for right now i just want to go play in the snow.

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