08 December 2006

yeah, not so good at cupcakes.

truth: i suck at muffin making. i bought all the stuff to make my cupcakes, but shit still went wrong. first, i didn't have a bowl, but i do have a small pot so i mixed them in there.

second, i forgot to put the oil in. i bought it, poured it, took a picture of it, then realized when i was cleaning up that i forgot to use the damn oil. i knew the cake batter tasted funny, i thought maybe eggs tasted different here. (first time i bought eggs in six months.) and are you supposed to pour unused oil down the garbage disposal? i seem to remember my mom pouring it into an old milk jug after frying fish... did i f*@# it up?

and third, some of the little f!#kers overflowed. but i threw them all away and ended up with a crop that doesn't look half bad if i do say so myself...

ok, who am i kidding, they look pretty sorry.

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