13 February 2007

girls dating girls

i read the newest issue of glamour today, with liv tyler on the cover. i adore liv. and doesn't she look so pretty in the mag?

there was also an interesting article by jennifer baumgardner called why more girls are dating... girls. i couldn't find it on the web to link yet, but i did find an interesting post about her book look both ways: bisexual politics.

without having read the book, i think she sums up my viewpoint on the subject of people and their relationship: if someone finds real, true, lasting reciprocal love and understanding in another person, who cares about the details?

i found that with an opposite-sexed, same-raced person, but i like to think that that was just a coincidence, albeit a coincidence that probably makes my life a little easier and less open to controversy. i like to believe in jennifer's ideal of "being attracted to individuals." i like to think that i would have been open to anyone.

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