14 February 2007

happy valentine's day!

i'm not a demanding girl at all, really, what i wanted for valentine's day was those pink and red and white m&ms, which i used to bake some cookies. i burned up my mixer in the process-- apparently you can't electric mix sugar cookie dough. although when i was looking for a new one online, i saw one that came with "dough hooks" -- does that mean i could mix up dough with it? that would be worth paying $70 for a mixer.

pretty, aren't they? (i have to admit they look somewhat better than they taste.)

my brother and his girlfriend are moving into their first apartment this weekend. it reminds me of my first apartment. i had nothing in it. i mean a little twin bed and my mom's old dresser and some cheap bookshelves and that's it. a tiny tv on a little glass table from goodwill. and two floor pillows from pier1. and i was as happy as can be.

they are also having my nephew's first birthday party, which i will miss. i really hate being so far away at times like this.

i do want to buy them some things for their apartment. which got me thinking to what i want out of life in terms of money/career: what i want is to have enough money to live comfortably--small apartment or house, cable bill not making or breaking you, a vacation every year, and be able to treat people to dinner and presents whenever i want.

enough of that. the blizzards here! here's what it looks like outside at 8:30 am:

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