10 February 2007

new, new , new!

also, i got a new blog that i love love love. it's lovely and beautiful and all pretty, wonderful stuff that i wanted to collect all in one place. so if i ever win the lottery i'll be ready.

(this banner title is probably a draft.)

seriously, i love collecting and cataloging things, i spend way too much time doing this. i also found a site (via) where you can collect all of the books you've ever read into one place. you can search by isbn or title, add the books to your "library" and rate, review, add notes, and even a spot for when you read it!

this is so my thing, the only drawback is it's limited to books currently on amazon.com, so if you have lots of books from childhood, ebay, or thift stores (all the very best kinds), you're out of luck finding your exact book and may have to make due with a different edition.

anyway, if you're crazy like me -- and many people are or they wouldn't have a whole site for it, right? -- you much check out bibliophil. it's also free, free, free.

{seriously, i wasn't going to add this because it's depressing, but right after katrina when i couldn't go home for months and assumed every, single thing i owned (and at that time i had a lifetime of saved things, now i don't) was gone, i missed my book collection so terribly.

all of my life i'd treasured these books. experiences in books made up so many of my memories and infleuenced me just as much (more?) as real life. it panicked me that i might not even be able to remember some of the book titles to be able to replace them. my mind wasn't working well then. thanks to bibliophil, next worst-disaster-in-u.s.-history i won't have that fear to worry about.}

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