25 April 2007

chasing dreams

i know some things about following dreams. secondhand, true, but sometimes the best advice to listen to is the advice you would give to a friend.

jack's been chasing his for some time now, he's put in more time and effort than you could imagine. we've given up a lot, made "bad" choices to nurture this dream, waited and trusted and hoped and, mainly, worked. some days it looks good, within reach, and some days bring setbacks. and occasionally, it's all the way back to square one. it's scary, very scary.

i've never said anything less to him than how proud and sure of his abilities i am. when he asks what am i doing, am i crazy? my reply is only if you don't try to do what you love. when he talks about whether we'll regret him quitting his high-paying job, if this dream doesn't work out, i said i'd rather be broke than have him doing something he hates for a living.

i'm proud of myself for encouraging this in him, because it's the exact opposite of what i've been taught people should do. we weren't raised to follow dreams. it's not sensible or stable or security or saving. but it's is liberating. it's exiting. and it's authentic.

this dream, this pursuit of happiness, if you will, is one of my favorite things about my husband. it's inspiring - he makes me feel like i can live my dream, like anything is possible. if it would crash tomorrow for him, it wouldn't really matter, because here's the thing about chasing you dreams: what matters is that you try as hard and for as long as you can, because until you try, you have already failed.

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