25 April 2007

how soon is now?

the sky is grey and dark again. rain and cold are trying to come back. one of my favorite songs is playing on the stereo, how soon is now by the smiths. it fits the weather.

last night, jack called as usual right before they closed the doors on his airplane. three hours later, at 3 am, he still hadn't called to say his one hour flight had arrived. i experienced a fear that i can't describe. i told myself over and over he was just delayed, but i really couldn't see how such a short flight could last that long. it was, and around 3:30 he called to say he was back in the city they left -- the plane had to return for refueling after not being able to land due to bad weather. i don't know what i would do if something terrible really happened to him. how do people live through it? this must be the biggest downside of love. i didn't fall asleep until 5:30 am.

i watched roman holiday last night, and loved it. i finally see what is so special about ms. audrey (above). on the other side of the viewing spectrum, here are three of my favorite youtube videos. embarrassingly, they are all pretty pervy, however all also hilarious. you've been warned:

What do we always tell them?

The perfect gift for any occasion?

Sloths on SNL

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