27 April 2007

nutty turkish martini

the white rainbow closed for the season and just never reopened, gone with it my favorite cocktail of all time: the nutty turkish martini.

i really am not a martini person at all, so i don't know if this is something widely available or their specialty. but this is the best drink ever, better even than the pink drinks my sister and i used to make and get drunk on at my old house (i miss those days). i have to get that recipe from her sometime, but for now, here are the ingredients for the nutty turkish as posted on the now defunct white rainbow's website (don't you love the internet?):

Nutty (Musa) Turkish Martini
Vanilla Vodka, Amaretto, and Frangelico
with a cherry garnish

one day i will experiment with the proportions and let you know, but i suspect however you combine it will taste pretty good...

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