07 June 2007

another goodbye month

thank goodness for video games after a long day of exploring and swimming...

summer is here and with it remembering how incredible this little place we live is. this last month here is a month of walking to the beaches (the rocky beach, the sea glass beach, the sandy beach - our ways to tell them apart), the quaint local restaurants, enjoying the absolutely amazing little town.

i feel still like a vacationer here, never actually becoming any part of the community in any way, and sometimes i like that, but sometimes i don't. in between swimming (in the freezing ocean) and sea glass-collecting, i've been packing and sorting.

amazing how much stuff you have when you take it all out into the open and start putting it in boxes. even though i know we still don't have a lot of stuff. we are moving ourselves - with the two boys - which will be a new experience for me. we have a tiny u-haul rented and will pack our favorite stuff first and leave whatever doesn't fit.

i think i am ready for another change, although as always i am scared. i don't like having no idea what life will be like. i'm not sure about texas, but i'm sure it will be fine. i like the little apartment we've picked, the river in the backyard, and at worse this will be a working place instead of a vacationing one.

i will miss this little seagull, pirate town, but texas here we come.

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