11 June 2007

rocks and moving

i still can't believe we lived here.

everything is packed. in three days we leave for the cross-country drive to texas. and now we are in the in-between, where packed things you didn't think you would need again become needed.

i do love finding things you can do without - like half of each of our closets, some furniture we don't really like, outgrown toys and books - to make room for new things you love, like this maybe:

i can't decide if i like or hate starting over in a new place. i feel scared always about what will happen, will i not make friends, will i not enjoy myself, will i feel safe. but, this is what i always wanted to do, my mom reminded me of that the other day - i've always said i wanted to move around and live everywhere until i find the perfect place. well, i'm doing it.

but look what we're leaving, it might already be the perfect place, look how gorgeous. i took the top picture and the one below at the quarry park this weekend:

when the ocean tide goes low it leaves the most colorful, vibrant little corners of life between the rocks, it's incredible:

and on an unrelated note:

and i took this soap from our room in the hyatt san antonio a few weeks ago and it smells so good - white ginger. i just opened it because we ran out of soap in the bathroom and you can smell it throughout almost the whole house. i really am not so into fancy products - i normally use only dove unscented bar soap - but i love this.

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