09 August 2007

city park in blue

did i mention i also bought this gorgeous stuff that i don't know what i'm going to do with? purse maybe? i'm really into the brights on aqua right now i guess...

signed up for two photography classes today, darkroom included... now i have to buy a camera. i'm a little intimidated because i've never ever used a manual camera before. it feels extravagant to pay for tuition and a camera, but i'm proud of myself for doing it. the boys had to come with me to register today, they were confused and asked lots of questions... is somebody making you go to school? do we have to go with you to class? do you want to be a photographer when you grow up - wait you already are a grown up!

sometimes i wonder what the boys think of our life... they seem almost too happy almost all of the time, but still it's so different from my own traditional childhood that i think it must be weird for them. they are so obsessed with typical boy things: pirates, mummies, and above all star wars+legos. i wanted to get them star wars bedding for our new apartment, but couldn't find it big enough so i settled for just pillowcases made from this:

(no, i didn't make it... the fabric alone to make them cost more than the finished ones.)

i'm trying not to think too much about the classes so that i don't get nervous/feel like an idiot. basically, if i do not do something i will sink into a great depression so this is just depression avoidance 101...

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