08 August 2007

las calaveras

i learned something a while ago that revolutionized the way i deal with life: there's usually not a right or wrong, just pick something that works. made decision making while shopping much easier for one thing, and helped me feel satisfied with all of the choices i make.

for some reason i have yet to apply it to sewing. i bought a machine a long time ago and haven't really started using it at all. i bought an adorable apron pattern and just can't decide which fabric to buy make it out of. (i think my poor apron will have to live up in my mind to this...)

meanwhile, my little sister has been whipping things up not even knowing how to sew. get this, she invented her own way to pattern and cut and hand sew, which actually is quite brilliant.

so, inspired, i just picked the above fabric from reprodepot.com and i think i'll trim it in red...

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