30 August 2007

day 26

things i want to remember:

:: my two-fold strategy in life is to strive to do things that 1) make me happy and 2) keep my conscience clean (and i have usually have a powerful conscience). i never want to 1) have regrets or 2) be ashamed.

:: money is not a motivator for me. i realized that a long time ago. it doesn't affect my decisions, except as it can limit the available options.

:: as long as i know+believe in my heart something is right, it doesn't matter if anyone else agrees. of course i am not objective, but i am pretty smart, unselfish, and responsible. i am logical. and i trust myself.

:: not to judge. there is always lots that you just don't know unless you are the one involved in a situation. things can definitely appear differently than they are. what a convaluted sentence, but really. even when something is usually a certain way, it isn't always.

what a difficult, disappointing week. i am exhausted. it must be so hard to share your child with someone you don't like or trust. i can't even begin to imagine. it is lonely here without the boys. i love+care for them so much and would do anything for them, but still i don't think it is at all the same. they are not my heart. his must be breaking.

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