05 September 2007

scattered today, sorry

look who was staring at me for a while outside of my "bedroom" window today:

seriously, look at that face, kind of creepy actually:

i am going crazy waiting for my new old camera to be delivered, supposedly today. it is so cool - i hope anyway. i know next to nothing about photography or cameras so i am feeling a bit scared but so excited! it's this old nikon from the 80s, like this one from kenrockwell.com - i love his articles by the way, very informative - but with chrome instead of all black.

i went to some shops around here, and they tried to talk me into buying a brand new (cheap) canon film camera for the same price, but it just didn't do it for me like the thought of that old used one. so, i chose interesting over reliable and you know, i love doing that, it is so so against the way i was raised.

looking through a magazine yesterday, i saw this shell ring (above) and remembered collecting shells with holes in them to make into jewelry last summer. i wonder where i put them? i also have a whole summer's worth of sea glass (below) that i want to do something with.

for years i've been wanting to recreate this little white shell that had been gilded and strung into a pendant that i had as a child. i think it was purchased as a vacation suviner, and i remember loving it so. the one in domino was around $300, but shell's are so delicate - wouldn't it break the first time you hit something with your hand? i need some new, fun jewelry. and there is so much out there...

the highlight of the quickie trip to new orleans:

simply heaven.

it's good to be home, although i will leave again very soon. this apartment is so peaceful. and also so, so cool. i love this bed, although it soon has to be replaced. i love the squirrels playing outside the window whenever i look up. i love being in the heart of downtown, but thinking it's a rainforest beach house. surprisingly, i really like living in texas. i don't want to ever move from this bed, this apartment, this town.

i always get so inspired on airplanes... maybe being somewhere new, having all that time to think, and loading up on magazines. i've been mulling over an art project for some time and i think i'm gonna give it a go. why not? i need something new to hang on the walls. (little by little we are getting the apartment right.)

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