24 September 2007

albert einstein

and here - drum roll, please - is my awesome tote bag that i sewed (!) last week out of an old favorite shirt of jack's that was much too faded and much much too big. i can't even describe how much i love this bag and the fact that i made it... the inside is lined in my favorite color purple, which coincidentally matched the writing on the back of the shirt/now totebag.

(front and back, just in case you can't tell...)

i am sick, with an infection that is driving me absolutely nuts, so it is a good time to be alone, and i am since jack is out of town until tomorrow night. i can't decide quite what to do, but i'm considering:

1- scanning the piles of pictures that i confiscated from my folks,

2 - working on my pretty skull apron, or

3 - finally watching pan's labyrinth. but i may still be too scared - scared of the scariness and scared of getting too depressed/sad. movies and books are way too capable of making me depressed. really. just last week i read marie antionette: the journey and it was so wonderful and well-written and i adore her so much now, but her life just broke my heart in two and i'm finally over it and really can't take any more heartbreak right now. maybe i feel too much?

oh! my photography class started and it's just so great. it's great just having someplace to go, so the class actually being great is a plus plus. i love my camera, almost to the point of being weird seeing as how i've still not actually put film in it, yet...

here's the piles i refer to above:

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