26 September 2007

first roll

wow, i have so much respect for any photographer who uses a manual camera.

i*finally* put some film in my kick-ass nikon fa and attempted to take some shots. it was pretty miserable... so hot outside, i was sweating, gross... it's hard to hold the grey card in one hand and the camera in another, i hate the grey card... my hand is barely steady enough to focus and i can't even tell when that split image has come together... then when i think it's okay and press the shutter i realize i haven't advanced the film yet... i tried pretending i was rebecca romijn in her pink trench, but it didn't help.

(have you seen the bebe ad, i love it! it wasn't on the web site, but they do have a whole series with old gear called the spy who loved it. love it!)

it'll be really interesting and really embarrassing to see what comes out...
very tempting to revert to my point and shoot...

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