13 December 2007

the tree went up on thanksgiving day...

in the tradition of my mother.

my mom always made ornaments with us when we were kids, good memories. so this year i bought some shrinky dink paper and made some star wars ornaments with the kids. traced from coloring book pages:

they really got into putting up our fake tree, so much easier too with them helping. i did leave off the glass balls, because i didn't want to bother with cleaning up broken glass this year. they are so into star wars... look what else we got:

and a few weeks ago i made these stocking for them out of old tshirts. showing off. it worked too, i believe they were impressed with these shabby little stockings... and how cute is my hot pink old navy naughty&nice stocking?

while we're on christmas, there are so many kickass holiday songs out there. some of my favorites:

twisted christmas - twisted sister

the magic of christmas - joy electric

monster ballads christmas

i think these are all on itunes... at the very least download faster pussycat's version of silent night from monster ballads... priceless.


Mamameo said...

That is hilarious! My BIL told me about it over Christmas...i'll have to check it out, especially for next year.

Rosa said...

You're kinda off kilter with Christmas music like me! hehe