12 November 2008

i'm almost ashamed

i'm almost ashamed to say that these pictures are from this year.

what can i say? usually i'm all it's not even thanksgiving! but this year i was all think it's too early to put up the tree? another advantage of artificial trees - i could have put it up in july if i wanted too. (the weather here actually isn't that different than july - note the pretty pink flowers outside.)

i love the holidays. i love our decorations. the little stars, and the star topper, the sparkly red garland, colored lights, shrinky-dinks, and this year's addition: mini-disco balls!

and i picked up a few candles so it smells like the holidays too!

incidentally, this is what my step-kids consider their favorite christmas cd - star wars and other galactic funk:

i have to admit i associate it with the holidays too, probably because we play it as background music during holiday parties. it's actually a really fun, energizing cd.

anyway, i'm guessing they'll love this:

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