06 November 2008


woke up this morning much earlier than usual and feeling sort of mad at everything. i realized there was absolutely nothing i had to do today. then realized this could be a very good thing.

turned up the music (afi - the accidental default since it's first on the ipod), made a cup of coffee, printed out a new recipe and my perhaps favorite to start on, and maybe will put on my favorite background movie clueless just for good measure.

*my pumpkin honey muffins were so good! perfect for the season. i used the linked recipe, but changed a lot i guess. i left out the raisins - don't like them in muffins or cookies. i didn't have whole wheat flour, used all-purpose. didn't have pumpkin pie spice, so used some cinnamon, ginger, and black pepper. (then found pumpkin pie spice in the cabinet and added it too.) accidently added 2 cups of pumpkin instead of 3/4 cup, then added 1/4 cup self-rising flour to compensate.

i love that now i'm comfortable enough cooking that i can switch things up a bit and still have good results. i particularly liked the black pepper taste to the muffins, it was unusual.

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