30 September 2004


From the time I got the invitation in the mailbox, I was excited. An 80s costume wedding. Is that not the coolest thing?

Then when we arrived in all our 80s glory—and I mean auqa-netted hair, fushia lipstick, pink-and-black fishnets and pink plastic earrings—everyone outside the place was in a black suit or cocktail dress, and I felt a moment of panic. I'm not getting out of the car. Did we misread the invitation, did they change their minds and not tell us?

But I had spent so much time shopping, not to mention getting dressed, I decided there was no way I was going home. And you know, I really enjoyed being one of the fun people (and did I have fun). I always was kinda bummed that I missed the 80s, now especially. Maybe I'll wear the costume to the next Appetite for Destruction concert...

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