06 October 2004

alice in wonderland

My second favorite* holiday is around the corner and I haven't even begun costume shopping. This is a fun, fun, fun, city to be in for Halloween partying. Usually I dress up at the last minute as a cat or vampire or something, but this year I have my heart set on a real live costume. This weekend I will be hitting garage sales, thrift stores, and costume shops for the perfect blonde wig, blue dress, and white apron. I had thought I would attempt to make the dress, but being the procrastinator that I am it is a little late for that. Luckily, I already have fab-u-lous shoes, which we all know is the most important part.

*First favorite is St. Patrick's Day, which is also a fun, fun, fun time around here. St. Patrick's day is like Mardi Gras, but less crowded and with locals instead of tourists. My friend and I have a tradition of dressing up and going down to the parade. We get trashed, get painted and have a blast. We are becoming known as the St. Patrick's Day princesses, thanks to some wonderful green light up heart shaped tiaras. Last year we were even on the news! This year I'm planning on a red wig, green sequined dress and green knee-high boots.

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