17 October 2004


It's time to vote again and I'm still feeling uninformed. I will vote, because not to is just stupid. But I just think there should be more than two choices for something so important as who will run out country. And I think about things I've had to read like Media Control and at times like these I feel like the bewildered herd is real. And then I have flashbacks from my childhood and I worry about accidentally putting the antichrist in power and what if we really are counting down to the end of the world.

And there is just too much more to think about than just whether to vote for Bush or Kerry, or just deciding if you are Republican or Democrat. And I'm so tired of seeing things that just make fun or the two candidates, or hearing rock stars telling me who to vote for or candidates tusing comparisons to tv shows to put each other down, trying to reach the undecided voter through popular culture. It makes me sick to think that things such as a reference to the Sopranos or an endorsement from a musician deciding the fate of out country.

I've been wishing for a simple list of the issues and how the candidates feel about them. I don't want to watch debates and sift through bull and mudslinging. And I found even better. A simple quiz that asks your opinion on all of the issues and matches them to the candidates. You can click for more info if you don't even know what the issue means and it gives a very good explanation. A link at the end shows bios on each candidate and their answers to the same quiz. Unfortunately there is no candidate that has exactly the same answers as me, so I still have to decide what is most important and what I can give a little on. Unfortunately again, it is all important.

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