23 March 2005


We finished the last box of sugar today and work and realized there was no more in the storage room. Fine, except that I can't drink coffee wihout it and I can barely exist on five hours of sleep with coffee, much less without.

Solution: Borrow a take-out container full of blue, pink, and white packets from the coffee shop across the hall. So, I filled my 8 oz. Tinkerbell coffee cup with 1/3 creamer, topped it off with coffee and sprinkled two white packets on top. And when I tasted it, it was so bitter I had to add two more packets just to make it drinkable. So, after a quick calcultaion, the regrettable truth is that I consume between 8 and 12 packets of pure sugar in a regular day (and much more on those other days).

And this is just with my coffee people--I've just finished a bag of gummi bears and have moved on to the m&m's as I write this! Tell me, is this normal? I've noticed before that while other people drink coffee for the caffine, I do it for the sugar, that's nothing new. Whoever created hand-sized pour-top sugar boxes should be shot!

And why won't they move the snack machine to the third floor instead of right outside my office like I've been asking? I need a way to make them realize the severity of my situation.

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