27 April 2005

another blog

yeah, i need another blog like i need a hole in my head. see, the thing is, they are just so damn easy. no thinking, no waiting, just i need a new blog, oh, there it is. somthing for the instant gratification. but, i did need it...

somewhere to put all these random happenings so they stop taking up space in my head. somewhere i can write whatever i want and not worry about people reading it, finding my diary, whatever. i don't need a dot com. this is perfect. see, nothing terribly interesting happens to me, but i'd like to remember it anyway. and i have a horrible memory--ask my sister--so writing things down is the only way for me to possibly remember, much less make sense of everything.

right now, charlie remembers more about my life than i do. when he was trying to set me up with his friend, he had all these stories, actually made my life sound somewhat not boring, the stalker incident, the father-internet scandal, and i already can't remember the other things he was bringing up. not the best way to introduce yourself, but good god, i had forgotten all of that.

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