05 May 2006

out of the office, permanently

today was, officially, my very last day of work. this is a huge deal for me because, well, i started this job in the summer of 1998. i worked my way through college there! i taught myself how to use a computer there for god’s sake! this is a big deal! and somehow, it just feels like every other day.

what i know now that i wish i knew at 16: when someone's mom asks you to be the part-time receptionist at their office for a few weeks, do not! don't make the same mistake i did. don't stay working in the dead-end job that makes you want to kill yourself for six years in order to pay the mortgage for the stupid house you bought with the guy that you really don't like very much at all, now that you are stuck with him 12 hours a night. don't do it, definitely don't marry him, even if you did have such a beautiful wedding and looked like a princess for one whole night.

if it's an option, do what i wish i could have done, make your filthy rich adopted parents rent you a cinderella coach and buy you a designer ballgown for your sixteenth birthday. then, i wouldn't have needed that magical night with the real photojournalist photographer who followed me around all night taking pictures of my feet and each button on my gown.

nope, not worth it. you'll end up giving all $5,000 worth of wedding album to you mother so that you won't have to keep looking at his ugly-ass face and wondering what in hell you were thinking. (why didn't the hurricane destroy them instead of every one of the millions of pictures of me and my siblings as completely adorable children in my mother's closet?)

anyway, it is also a huge deal because now, officially, i have no earthly idea what i’m going to be doing in a month. none, except that i’ll be in boston and with my adorable boyfriend. that’s all i know. now, i hope i can learn how to drive over there.

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