06 October 2006


about me:

i am lucky. i'm realizing that every day. for one, i had chips for lunch and cherry cheesecake and am probably about to go have some delicious clam chowder and a few beers for dinner. i do some variation of that every day and i weigh under 120 lbs. and i don't exercise really (although, actually, i think sex and walking places counts).

i travel a lot. and i love my travel partner. i can't even imagine wanting to go to buenos aires by myself because he is the best travel partner. (not that i even want to go to buenos aires.) we returned from toledo bend late last night and on friday we are driving to manhattan. i'm looking forward to the drive this time, i feel like i spend too many days in the airport. i had only flown twice when i turned 21 and boy am i making up for lost time.

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