16 December 2006

some thing i can do...

life paused.

i want a new camera. a real fancy kind. and then i'm going to sign up for a photography class. i've always wanted to do it. but for now, my goal is to develop new habits. i'm going to try to take one sharing-worthy photo a day. i figure i can wake up in the morning and go out and explore. it'll be a reason to get dressed at least. then photoshop and everything before posting.

she's inspired me. i'm also going to start collaging, at least one a day. i'm going to get some blank cards or paper to do it on.

this will help.

so, i did my collage for today:

(collage elements from domino december/january 2007)

i didn't have gesso or a notebook but i knew if i didn't start at once, i just wouldn't. i gathered what i did have into a shoebox: elmer's glue, some markers, scissors and 4x6 photo paper. and i grabbed the first magazine off of the stack. i had a feeling i wanted to express - something about fighting to remain yourself and be true to your goals and dreams through (even a good) relationship - and the words and images just jumped out at me. i finished in less than 10 minutes. it buckled trememdously, so i just stuck the finished piece in between two big books after it dried. just now, i took it (perfectly flat) and pasted the date and today's journal entry onto the back. it scanned weirdly, but i kind of like the effect, the magazine photos look more like computer art.

this reminded me of my first try two years ago. why is it that i turn to art to make me ok when i am alone or things are bad, and as soon as things are ok i give up on it?


Anonymous said...

I am SO honored to be a resource for someone whose art is so utterly amazing.

This is a magnificent collage, and I am very, very impressed... and inspired by your art!

Anonymous said...

Get thee to the dimestore and invest in some glue sticks. Your collages are wonderful, and I think you'll find that glue sticks do not buckle ... although a certain amount of "buckling" adds to the artistic effect. I like to collage on 8x10 artist canvases. Keep it up. You definitely have a feel for it. Anne Cunningham (homecomputer53027@yahoo.com)