30 April 2007

taking memories

i did some research about photography portfolios yesterday, found some good how-to articles but realized this: i don't want to be a photographer.

the reason i want to take photographs is not to get a job or hang in a gallery. i simply want to record this world that is unique to me and document the moments in my life - to capture memories. that is my only purpose.

to this end, i will not go out and try to take good pictures, instead i will always have my little camera with me, i will try to keep my eyes always open, and take a picture whenever i feel inspired of whatever is inspiring me.

the only exception i can think of is weddings. i do love all the lovely details of weddings, and even considered becoming a wedding planner at some point in my life. i think i would like documenting other people moments in that regards. maybe i can volunteer to photograph other people's weddings that are like my recent one and wouldn't have a photographer otherwise.

(i found the picture above of me at my old apartment when i was looking through three years of pictures on my computer. it's weird because i've spent hours organizing these pictures, assigning key-words, but i don't remember every even seeing this one.)

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